Screw laboratory

Europe's most complete plant

How should a screw head actually be measured? Where is the thinnest part of the coating? What dimensions are not specified by a standard? Based on our quality policy –The Quest for the Zero Point– we have built one of Europe's most complete and advanced testing labs for fasteners. This enables continuous testing, validation, quality assurance, and product development so that you as a customer always achieve optimal joining.

We conduct tests and independent testing for companies, even for those who are not otherwise customers with us. If necessary, we cooperate with an accredited, independent laboratory company with specialised expertise.


Ackumulated knowledge in a reliable system

In addition to our equipment, we have built up an extensive knowledgebase through our documented inspection instructions. Over the years, Mattssons has tested millions of products and items, and we dare to say that we can systematically ensure the quality of our fasteners more than anyone else in the industry.  

Examples of our equipment include:

600kN Tensile testing machine

Fatigue testing machine



Shatz machine

Hardness tester 

Surface-layer gauge 

Profile projectors

Measuring microscope

Screw pitch gauge

Pull and push test

Fatigue test

Material analysis of steel and stainless steel

Inspecting surface treatment layers

Friction tests and torque analysis 

Hardness of HRC, HB and HV mm

Measures the roughness of the surface

Measures lengths, angles, radii, etc.

Allows detailed view of parts

Wide set-up for multiple threads