Automate your purchasing

Do you want to automate your fastener management and purchasing more efficiently? Using Mattssons’ proprietary VMI solution, Kam-Mera, you can create a smart and seamless supply chain. Kam-Mera is a ingenious system that meets the latest in terms of industry 4.0 by monitoring your inventory and ensuring full availability for your assembly operations.

  • Automate your purchasing
  • Low investment costs
  • Easy implementation
  • High turnover rate
  • Wireless (4G, 5G and Wi-Fi)
  • Reduced administration
  • Flexible installation options
  • Proven concept since 2006

Have more time for other things. How Kam-Mera® works

Using the image from a camera, we monitor your inventory and ensure full availability for your assembly. Using an advanced, proprietary system, we filter and process the camera's image and create a digital order based on predefined minimum stock levels. The concept can be adapted to the customer's unique needs and conditions using flexible installation options and the ability to integrate several independent suppliers into the system.

Mattssons Kam Mera DI Illustration
Let us explain

Step 1

Mattssons monitors the shelves via Kam-Mera®.


Step 2

The order is transferred via the internet to Mattssons’ system.


Step 3

Discrepancies are communicated to the system. It is about providing information that helps optimise production.


Step 4

Picking and packing. Each address will be packed separately in labelled boxes. All boxes are marked with your customer-unique item number.


Step 5

Mattssons delivers the goods to the right distribution terminal according to the schedule. The shipper then delivers to the correct final destination. 


Step 6

The shipper unpacks the items and places them on the shelves. The shelf address is written on the packaging list.


Step 7

Of course, the parts are assembled using Mattssons’ high quality fasteners.


Step 8

Kam-Mera® keeps track of your stock status.


Step 9

Continuous monitoring ensures that you never run out of fasteners when you need them most.

Kam-Mera is best combined with our other logistics services

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