Delivery conditions


1. General provisions

In addition to the general requirements of NLS-10, purchases are subject to our delivery provisions listed below. In the case of competition between NLS and our provisions, our own provisions apply.

2. Prices

For invoicing, the prices on the day of delivery are applied. The price shall be subject to the applicable VAT. We also reserve the right to make price changes due to exchange rates. 

3. Broken packaging

We charge 100 SEK (€11) per broken package.

4. Quantity

We reserve the right to change the quantity to even package quantities or quantities that are suitable for us, with no prior notification.

5. Marking

Special labels are charged at a rate of SEK 25 (€3) per marking/package, but at a minimum of SEK 75 (€8).

6. Declarations, certificates, etc.

Billing is based on the scope of the document. Delivery of certificates, according to EN 10204 or equivalent, is always in the form of a copy without Mattssons' source of supply. Original certificates are held at Mattssons.

7. Packaging

Packing costs are to be added to our prices.
For example: carton 18 SEK (€2). Pallets and pallet collars are charged additionally. Upon return of the pallet or pallet collar, the buyer is credited the corresponding amount.

  • Half pallet: 190 SEK (€19)
  • Half pallet collar: 190 SEK (€19)
  • Pallet: 230 SEK (€23)
  • Pallet collar: 230 SEK (€23)
  • Plywood cover: 110 SEK (€11)

8. Shipping

All prices are free of charge for storage in our warehouse in Anderstorp.

9. Minimum order

The minimum order amount is SEK 500 (€56), i.e. if the order value after deducting discounts, but before value-added tax, shipping and other charges, is less than this value, a shipping fee of SEK 500 (€56) is still charged. In case of a residual order delivery, the minimum invoice amount will not be charged.

10. Payment

Interest on arrears will be charged 9% above the applicable discount rate.

11. Packaging and leftover material

Packaging and leftover material can be returned with paid shipping for recycling. When returned, the material must be source-sorted (sorted into untreated, surface-treated, stainless steel and other material).

12. Cancelling orders

If the buyer wishes to cancel the order, the seller must be notified in writing immediately. When ordering non-stock items, the seller shall be free to decide whether he wishes to accept the cancellation or demand fulfilment of the purchase. A minimum of 300 SEK (€33) will be charged.

13.  Return

Unless otherwise agreed, the Buyer shall not be entitled to return any goods to the Seller that are in accordance with the contract.

14.  Return of defective goods 

Unless otherwise agreed, the Buyer shall be entitled to return the incorrectly delivered goods within 14 days and after written notification is provided to the Seller. In the case of goods in stock, the Seller shall promptly forward the ordered goods to the Buyer. In the case of goods that are not in stock, the Seller shall not be liable for reimbursing the Buyer for anything other than return shipping costs to the seller for goods that do not comply with the contract. In no case, shall the Buyer be entitled to damages or other compensation other than what is stated above.

15. Damages and compensation

The buyer is not entitled to any amount of damages or other
form of compensation for late delivery.

16. Call-off orders and forecast lists

In the case of call-off orders or approved forecast lists, the final delivery and final invoicing of the remaining batch/es takes place after the agreed call-off time has elapsed.

17. Invoices 

Written notes on invoices not made within 14 days of invoice date are not accepted.

18. Arbitration

Disputes arising out of the Agreement and to the provisions attached thereto and disputes concerning the aforementioned and related legal relationships and related matters may not be brought under judicial review but shall be settled by arbitrators and according to Swedish law.

19. Printing errors

We are not responsible for the consequences of printing errors in our catalogues.