Surface treatment MS4-20

Stands out from the crowd year after year

MS4-20 is a unique surface treatment developed in Mattssons’ screw laboratory. The surface treatment achieves high corrosion resistance without compromising assembly efficiency. The treatment is a zinc-nickel based process with similar caractharestics as corrosion class C4 according to EN ISO 12944-2. Examples of other treatments and materials for this class are hot-galvanised (FZV) and stainless material (A2).

MS4-20 is only offered through the Mattssons Group.


MS4-20 has many advantages

  • Corrosion resistant – Similar to stainless and hot-galvanised
  • Affordable – applied to steel that is cheaper than stainless
  • High hardness – coating is independent of steel hardness 
  • Resistant – high resistance to surface damage from hits and impacts
  • Effective – tight friction control increases effectiveness during assembly
  • No mess – thin surface makes it suitable for smaller dimensions
  • Versatile – can be used with steel, stainless and aluminium joints
  • Gentle – MS4-20 is free of hexavalent chromium and conforms to the RoHS Directive
  • High availability – application in Sweden provides flexibilit
MS4 20 Bild

A versatile, easy choice

Replace multiple solutions with one high-performance product. With high corrosion-resistance, combined with its ability to function with multiple materials, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and other galvanic coatings, the MS4-20 is the only thing you need.