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Environmental policy

  • Mattssons and Wulkan shall be perceived by customers, suppliers, employees, and society as an environmentally conscious company when we deliver logistics solutions for small parts such as screws, nuts, washers and other fastener components on an assembler's shelf and when we deliver surface treatment and heat treatment services.
  • We shall choose a production method and partners for our products and services that will save the environment in a resource-efficient way.
  • We shall minimise the environmental impact of transport by means of a well thought-out logistical flow.
  • We shall avoid double storage in order to reduce storage and heating requirements.
  • We shall use recyclable packaging.
  • We shall make efficient use of finite resources.
  • We shall maintain our competence regarding the environmental impact of our operations.
  • We shall meet or exceed the requirements set forth in legislation and regulations.
  • We shall openly present environmental facts.
  • We shall work on continuously improving our environmental work.
  • Wulkan will generate healthier air and water with respect to the manufactured products.
  • Wulkan shall maintain control over the waste related to the manufactured products.
  • We avoid errors because it saves the environment.