Picked, packed and done!

Using our kitting service you avoid expensive double storage, reduce the number of items in your purchases, and achieve a better logistical flow. You then reduce your costs through more streamlined handling and packaging, while improving control over the items. In addition, complete assembly and repair kits make the work of the assemblers and repairers easier.


Logistical advantages

The kitting service means that we take care of packaging at our warehouse. Your parts are automatically and/or semi-automatically placed in a bag that is sealed shut, checked and marked. This eliminates costly post-delivery activities such as handling, transportation and double storage. The kitting service also helps you to consolidate your supplier base and reduce the number of parts.


Great flexibility

Depending on your needs, you can choose between receiving identical or different parts in the same bag. The end user receives a complete kit containing everything needed for a specific assembly task. If you want the bag to include instructions or something in addition to the items from our warehouse, we can arrange this. The items determine the bag size, and you can also receive several smaller bags in a larger bag.


Efficient control

Efficient control systems reduce the risk of errors in deliveries. The content of the bags is checked two different ways: optically and by weight. Vision Inspection is an optical instrument that checks the items placed in the bag. Finally, the bags are weighed and only those with the correct weight are allowed through.

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