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Savings with logistics

There are often large savings to be made by reducing the flow of resources, information and monetary activities linked to individual items. Assembly professionals will reach their full potential and have the most joy of having direct restocking within arm's length of the installer.

Every customer has unique production and assembly requirements, and we therefore always tailor our logistics solutions to your specific needs and circumstances. As pioneers in Scandinavia in the field of fastener logistics, you can rest assured that we have the optimal solution for you.

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We can help you with your calculations

We can help you generate reliable calculations that show how much your specific company can save on logistics. The calculations are essentially based on the stock provisions, handling costs, Mattssons' costs, and administrative costs.

Why logistics?

Did you know that the total cost of a fastener is only 15% of the product itself? This means that 85% is pure overhead – and therefore it is important to optimise your production flow. Based on the 15/85 rule, logistics is therefore an important part of handling fasteners efficiently.
Read more about the 15/85 rule here

Read more about the 15/85 rule here

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