Frequently asked questions about TUF-LOK®

But doesn’t it cost a lot more than a standard screw?

No, not really. The process is so automated that the additional cost over standard parts is minimal. In addition, we can offer TUF-LOK® on a standard lock nut, which provides both a better, lighter and cheaper locking method than a nylon ring lock nut.


How long can I keep it in stock?

There is no limit to how long you can keep TUF-LOK® parts in stock. The coating retains its properties forever.


What temperatures can TUF-LOK® withstand?

TUF-LOK® can withstand temperatures up to 121°C and, if that wasn't enough, there is a variation called NyTemp® which can withstand temperatures up to 232°C.


Is it true that it is difficult to install screws with TUF-LOK®?

This is true, but the slowness and difficulty installing these screws only highlights their function and ensures that your joint is actually locked. In addition, friction dispersion is reduced, which helps to achieve the optimum torque.


What about availability?

Mattssons in Anderstorp has developed a standard range that is always available in stock in Anderstorp and at your dealer. Since TUF-LOK® coating is applied in Anderstorp, we can be quick-footed when it comes to products that are outside the standard.

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