Mattssons Nyhet Ny Medarbetare Markus Pettersson

Meet Markus - Sales team member at Mattssons

Welcome Marcus, tell us about yourself

I'm Markus Pettersson, originally from Värnamo but now I live in Rottne a small town outside of Växjö. I've been in sales for over twenty years in many different roles.


Where will people be able to meet you?

If you're working as a purchaser at a company that one way or another has a need for a fastener or two and are located in the southern parts of Sweden, you'll here from me.


What are you looking forward to the most in your new role?

The opportunity to meet new people and develop new relationships. And to be backed up by the widest selection of fasteners available on market, a profound knowledge and know-how within the company and the services offered by Mattssons, gives me the possibility to achieve that.


We know you more or less breath and dream about fasteners, but what do you do on you spare time?

I spend a lot of my time in the car and with my cellphone, so I like to relax without those two. You'll probably find me by the lake fishing, building something around the house or coaching my son's floorball team. I paint as well, a nice way to relax and wind down.


Get in contact with Markus

Telefon: 0371 - 890 90


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Published 07/02, 2024