Welcome to Mattssons

Welcome to Mattssons and Scandinavia's most extensive range of fasteners comprising 180,000 products at your service. In practice, the range is unlimited.
The correct quality and handling combined with the shortest route guarantees the best price for the customer. We base our operations on expertise, rapid communication and direct contact with the world's fastener manufacturers. We never rest. We work around the clock to guarantee speedy deliveries, of which most are made directly from our own large stocks.

We at Mattssons wish you happy summer holidays!

Mattssons is on call duty for contract clients all summer, and our Internet service WebTrade & Services is open 24/7.

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More functions for our hand terminals

Scanning and bar code reading with a hand terminal programme. The programme helps you to create and use bar codes at your client or in your own storage facilities.

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World leaders in CAD-support?

During the last few years, Mattssons Fasteners has produced 3D CAD-support for a large number of fastener articles.

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Free from conflict minerals

Wulkan’s production of screws is free from conflict minerals.

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Expanded production range!

Northern Europe's heaviest cold-forging machine is being run in at Mattssons Wulkan.

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