Forecasting System
We will gladly take over the responsibility of drawing up a forecast on your screw requirements.

  General Inspection
Definite demands for flawlessness and precision? Choose General Inspection!

  Hand-Held Terminal
Today it´s easy to reduce costs when purchasing fasteners!

  Handheld PC - Scanner
For you, who want to have information in the palm of your hand.

  Integrated Supply
Mattssons can offer you to supply parts outside Mattssons assortment using your own suppliers.

Do you want us to refill the shelves?

  Lubrication varnishes
We lubricate both large and small product lines and work primarily with Gleitmo 603 and 605.

Stop masking - save time and money!

Point and Fill
Today it´s easy to reduce costs when purchasing fasteners.

  Pouch Pack
Using our pouch pack service means avoiding costly double warehousing and provides a better logistics flow.

  Production cold-forging
Our manufacturing method is called cold-forging. It means that we convert the material directly from a wire material to intended part by forming it in up to five steps without pre-heating the material.

  Special Items
We coordinate and monitor stock and deliveries through quality-controlled manufacturing and post processing.

  Surface Treatment
At Mattssons you can choose from a tantalizing assortment of almost ninety different coatings - quick, simple and cost-efficient.

  Torque Testing
Let us present to you All-Torques - a portable tightening torque tester.

Tuflok locking, sealing, damping - and much more.