For supplier

Information about Mattsson’s supplier section in the Webguide.

How to confirm your order

By clicking on the order icon you will receive an overview of all the orders that Mattssons has placed with you. You can sort the orders as you like by clicking on the different overview icons. Please keep your delivery date up to date.

How to reply to Mattssons's inquiries

By clicking on the inquiry icon, you as a supplier to Mattssons will find our inquiries. You will reply by stating price and delivery time and possibly state your reference. If you need more detailed information about the product you can click further on "inquiry-ID". In the note field you have the possibility of leaving additional information, such as other alternatives or if you have some deviations. If you have entered a comment your reply will be considered before being registered in Mattssons's purchasing system.
The comment field is sometimes used to give you our feedback.

Current forecast

When you click on the forecast icon, you will receive additional information on when we plan to buy the article next time.