Here you will find tools and features that will simplify your planning.


Picture?Routines that we can do together. Type in the article or search for all running APQP projects by clicking here.

The project page with all the APQP information is in Microsoft Word format. It can be maximised and maintained so that all people involved have the same availability to the same information at the same time.

How to update forecasts

Picture?By clicking on the forecast icon you will get an overview of registered forecasts and delivery plans. Call off quantities, and flexibility factor i.e. the safety margin (%) can be adjusted. You can also maintain your article balance to avoid double stock. If the article is intended to be placed in different warehouse boxes at your assembly point, you can keep them up to date yourself. The planning and stock optimisation will be affected as soon as you make the change. Any changes you make will be "kept" with a date in our log.

Project planning

Picture?Sometimes a project changes conditions according to the project's development. An automatic booking optimisation will be activated if you type your order in the project box. The intention is that it will give you the possibility to secure availability for your projects without placing a binding/closed order before you need delivery. It is only when the article is at risk of being sold to others your order will be booked.