How to search

A description of how you use the search function.

Begin by clicking on "search" in the menu. You will get a search function to guide you through the different combinations of products according to your specific choice. If you choose "All" as the search option you will be shown the total number of alternatives.

You can search for articles in the following ways:

1. By article numbers, your own or our. Type the number(s) and click on "search".

2. By alpha-denomination, standards, dimension etc. Type the information regarding the article and click on "search".

3. By strength classes, surface treatments, tolerances and/or types of material etc. Type the information and click on "search".

4. By product. See the example below.

Choose the product.

Picture?Click on the product you are interested in: For example, if you are looking for a screw, choose the product "screw".

Choose the type of product

Picture?In the next step you choose the type of product. For example: if you are interested in screws that are inch threaded, click on "inch threaded".

Choose material

Picture?Now you can choose which material you want for your product. If you click "All", a list will be shown with all the materials available for the chosen type of product. You can continue your search all the way to dimension-level.

You can also search by using the electronic catalogues.

Picture?Choose a catalogue and search through the products by clicking on them.