How to place a new order

Click on "register order", or "scanning" and your registered company information will be retrieved from our files and filled in automatically. You can type or scan in your own order number, marking, assembly line, your account and cost centre. You can also change the delivery address if the order is to be delivered somewhere else than to the pre-printed address. When all information is correct you click on "register lines of order".

Project planning

Picture?Sometimes a project changes conditions accordng to the project's development. An automatic booking optimisation will be activated if you type your order in the project field. The intention is that it will give you the possibility to secure availability for your projects without placing a binding/closed order before you need delivery. It is only when the article is at risk of being sold to others your order will be booked.

Article monitoring

When you plan to place an order you can project-mark your order to secure it before eventual the part is being sold to others. You can activate a booking optimisation function for articles with an unforeseeable consumption. By typing your order in the project field with the maximum order supply time for the article, your article will be monitored automatically, reassuring you that the article is always available either in your warehouse or at Mattssons.

How to fill in the order details

Type in the article number, quantity and delivery date. It is also possible to add to your order(s) from all cataloque pages that have quantity/date fields. As soon as your order is completed you will receive information to help you decide on the most favourable terms.

How to send your order directly or to put it on hold in the order basket

If you want to register your order immediately click on "send". Your order will then be processed and delivered on the date you have stated. If you want to wait and complete your order later, click on "put on hold" in the order basket. Your order will be kept internally and you can complete/adjust it and send it whenever it is ready. You can have a number of different orders on hold in your order basket at the same time, for example: a standard order that you easily adjust before you "repeat" the order to us.

How to transfer your files to and from your purchasing system

If you want to update your purchasing system you can choose to start up a XML-file that will be transferred to you when you place an order. You can also paste an Excel clip on to our website for orders or enquiries.

Order review and history

Picture?You will find your orders by using different ways of searching and you can see the status of the orders.
Received: The order is on hold for further treatments before it goes into our order system.

Order: The order is on hold to be delivered. Estimated dates are shown.

Sorting: The order is currently being sorted/treated.

Delivered: The order is delivered. Delivery details are shown.

Invoiced: The order is invoiced. Delivery details are shown.

Order confirmation: The order is not yet confirmed by you, "not signed".