A description of the most important functions in the system.


Picture?The menu is the most important part of Mattssons WebTrade & Services, and it is placed at the top of the window, where you can choose from the most important functions in the system.

The menu consists of the following icons:

Register an order: To start the order registration process you click on ”register order”. You have to use this function when you want to begin a new order-process.
Here information from the customer register will be collected and then filled in automatically.

The next step is to register order lines. This is described more detailed at "Order".

Order lines: Here you can see the order lines of the active order, and make changes of these. When you have finished you can choose either from sending the order to Mattssons or placing it in the order basket to modify or send it later.

Order basket: Here you can see the orders that are in the order basket. Orders that are to be modified or sent to Mattssons will be activated here.

Search: Here you can search for products in Mattsson’s database. This process is described in more detailed under "Searching".

Order review: Here you can see the status for a sent order and order history.

Forecast: Here you can maintain parameters for planning of quantities.

APQP: Here you can get a summary of the quality planning.

Scanning: Handling of barcodes and refilling of shelves.

Password: Here you change your password.

Help: Here you will find a more detailed description of the functions included in the concept Mattssons WebTrade & Services.