The Business Package

A description of Mattsson’s Business Package.

The Business Package not only gives you access to the services provided by using the Fastener Catalogue solution, it also includes a number of other standardised services suitable for many different types of companies.

As soon as you have registered your company, you can choose from 130 000 different articles, including your own special articles and many different variations of the articles found in the Fastener Catalogue.

As in the Fastener Catalogue, you can choose between viewing the complete article assortment or just the article assortment currently in stock.

The following colour-guide gives you additional information on how to use the service.

Picture?A green light means that the article is ready for delivery immediately from our stock or our suppliers' stock.

Picture?A green light combined with a yellow light means that the article is ready for delivery after re-packing or similar measurements.

Picture?A yellow light means that the article is not in stock at the moment but an order is placed.

You may search the system using your own article numbers as long as they are registred at Mattssons.

You get a clear review of all your orders.

You can place orders.

Depending on the size of the order and previous orders, a possible discount will be calculated.

Prices are shown to let you choose the most favourable option.

Prices are shown in SEK and EUR.

As a registred customer, you can choose either from paying according to agreement or paying in advance.

Your order review will show the planned order as soon as we have received your payment.

You may change your password whenever you want to.