The Fastener Catalogue

A description of Mattsson’s Fastener Catalogue.

Here you will find the articles that are in stock, categorised in the same way as in our printed cataloques. You can easily find what you are looking for by clicking on the directory icons and then on the folders.

1. Threaded metrical fasteners in steel as well as thread forming and wooden threads.
2. Inch threaded products in steel.
3. Unthreaded fasteners. (Washers, rivets, keys, pins, retaining rings and seals).
4. Fasteners in stainless and acid-proof steel materials.
5. Copper, brass, plastic and aluminium products.
6. Construction industry products.
7. Technical information.

(Articles planned or reserved for other customers are not shown).

When you have submitted an order, prices both in SEK and EURO will be shown. In the foreseeable future we are planning to give you the possibility of placing orders from the Fastener Catalogue and provide you with access to even more search options.