A description of the three different types of services that Mattssons provides.

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A summary of functions

Using the table found in "Function review" you will easily find the different functions that come with the service you have chosen. You will also find a further description of the contens for some of the functions, followed by information on how to use the different services, place orders etc.

Fastener Catalogue

Here you will find the same articles as in the printed catalogues. These are available directly from stock. You get access to denominations, prices and technical information. Articles planned for or reserved by other customers are not shown.

Business cataloque

Provides enhanced functions from the Fastener Catalogue including a wider range of articles, customised items and a wider range of surface treatments. There are extended possibilities of placing orders, reviewing orders etc.

Logistic Partner

Once you have become a web-customer, you can easily upgrade to the logistic partner solution. Beyond the functions in the Fastener Catalogue and the Business package, the Logistic Partner solution also gives you a number of extra services. You will have extended access to all the functions and you will also be able to use a number of extra services specially designed according to your needs.